A partnership formed by like-minded organisations, Cohesion Plus, North Kent Caribbean Network, People Dem Collective and the Kent Equality Cohesion Council came together to deliver and curate activity dedicated to Black History Month in Kent after recognising the synergy and joint ambitions in their work.

Cohesion Plus and North Kent Caribbean Network have worked together for many years and after the dynamic and powerful emergence of Margate based People Dem Collective, the organisations managed to connect and have meaningful discussions around race, inclusivity, representation and the desire to dismantle barriers for future, diverse generations to come.

Now, through this joint partnership, Black History Month has been planned with activity taking place across the county of Kent, celebrating and championing Black, Brown and Diaspora historical figures and leaders, chronicling the experiences and stories of the elders, amplifying the voices of diverse artists and providing opportunities for diverse led community groups to network and connect.

While the month of October is dedicated to Black History, it is vital to recognise that Black History is ever present throughout the year. With this in mind, the aim of the partnership is to eventually establish a broader network that spans across Kent bringing together diverse led community groups and organisations, promoting joint partnership working, providing platforms and access to wider sectors, encouraging further dialogue around diversity and inclusion eventually affecting, deeper systemic change.